In A Lomo (Kinda) Mood



I’ve been learning how to make these in Photoshop and thought it would be fun to share a few of what I’ve done so far. Retro. Vintage. Lomo. I’m not sure, but the exact classification(s) might not be so important. At first, I kept making them look like “real” lomo or “real” vintage, which are contradictions in terms. Why not consider lomographic or vintage style just as a starting point and take the photos someplace else?

It can sometimes be disturbing to see Naomi in these destroyed, sometimes very dark and melancholy, pictures.  Not the cheerful, happy dog I am used to seeing in high-resolution on sunny beach days, although all the pictures here began that way.

This is one of the early black and white “controlled demolitions”:


Naomi the dog noir shot

A “realistic” lomo look. The rough graininess seems right for this picture, perhaps much better than the high-res color original.



naomi the dog

Somewhat offbeat, but once destroyed, it became more interesting. Something that was not evident in the original became apparent.



A tragic Film Noir heroine..... with a very sandy nose.

A tragic Film Noir heroine….. with a very sandy nose.



naomi the dog

Everything is just so wrong. One of my favorites.

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Sunny Beach

sunny beach


Homemade Dog Food: Saving Time & Money

1. Save Time

We all get lazy once in a while. Even though the recipe for Naomi’s food requires making it only about once a week or so, sometimes it’s nice to save some effort and time. Here are a few excellent timesavers to use when making the recipe for homemade dog food:

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“In times of great joy, all of us wished we had a tail we could wag.”

- W. H. Auden

A Favorite Picture



Homemade Dog Shampoo for Itchy, Allergic Skin

dog shampoo for itchy skin

Who knew that something so perfectly simple and completely safe would work so well for Naomi’s annual spring itch? It worked immediately and it was necessary to use it once a week for just a few weeks. Researching this further, I discovered that organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has been used to treat minor dog skin allergies and itching for many, many years. Read more →

Perfect Playground for a Dog


Homemade Organic Dog Cookie Recipe

Decided to give this recipe its own page. It’s HERE.


Misty Morning at the Beach

  • misty gray morning at the beach
  • misty morning at the beach
  • misty morning at the beach
  • misty morning at the beach
  • misty morning at the beach


Naomi Chasing Birds


Sometimes less is best.

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Little Surfer Girl

Naomi Too Close to Incoming Surfer

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Cute Little Dog

The Cute Little Poodle

Sometimes I find a surprise when reviewng new pictures.  This is one of them.  What a cute little dog!  He’s not too sure about the camera thing.