Sunny Beach


In A Lomo (Kinda) Mood

  I’ve been learning how to make these in Photoshop and thought it would be fun to share a few of what I’ve done so far. Retro. Vintage. Lomo. I’m not sure, but the exact … Read more →

A Favorite Picture


Perfect Playground for a Dog

Misty Morning at the Beach


  Sometimes less is best.

Little Surfer Girl

Cute Little Dog

Sometimes I find a surprise when reviewng new pictures.  This is one of them.  What a cute little dog!  He’s not too sure about the camera thing.  

The Christmas Tree, The Bouquet, and The Shark

The great writers, Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens, would have loved the high-definition movies of today.  They were writing their books in high-definition long before the phrase was ever coined. Then, there was the opposite … Read more →

Getting To Know Naomi

I adopted Naomi several years ago from an animal shelter.  The shelter and our veterinarian said that she is a Picardi sheepdog mixed-breed dog.  Picardi sheepdogs have historically been concentrated mostly in Northern France and … Read more →