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Rawhide Chews & Rawhide Bones: More “Soylent Green” for Our Dogs?

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  In our local grocery store the other day, I noticed something very strange about the packaging of the store brand of rawhide chews. The pet food industry has a particularly checkered reputation when it comes to truth in ingredient and packaging issues. The FDA has been willing to turn a blind eye and give mystery ingredients in dog food a pass for years, even knowing that a large number of commercial dog foods contain […]

Aloe to the Rescue

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A couple of weeks ago, the grass around our home was sprayed with some sort of pesticide.  The next day, Naomi’s lower stomach and back legs were red and very itchy.  I took her to the beach, since a swim in the salt water would probably help, and then gave her a nice, cool bath.  It helped a little, but not much.  I decided to take her to the doctor the next day if it […]